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online slots for funPlaying Online Slots for Fun

Each and every one of us craves a specific kind of thrill an excitement followed by jittery nerves that can only be fulfilled by a certain moment or activity. For some, they chase this thrill by climbing mountains, car racing, boxing or any other extreme sports. For some, the thrill is achievable by living different lives in video games, whether online or by console. For some, it can be achieved by breaking down competition in their chosen field. And then there are people whose craving for thrill can only be fulfilled by the sound of clinking coins and high-stakes gambling.

One of the most popular forms of leisure activity here in Canada is gambling through slot machines, or slots as they more commonly known. For decades now, the slots have dominated every casino or gaming hall in Canada, as players of all ages and level of expertise try their luck and strategies in every available slot machine. And we can all understand what the clamor is all about slots are fun, exciting, and you can definitely win some big time bonus cash if you’re in a roll.

But playing slots definitely require money. And in slots, just like in any other game where there is a need to gamble, higher bets more often than not translate to higher wins. So what can you do if you are currently running a little bit low on cash? Does this mean that you’ll have to say goodbye in playing slots?

Fortunately that doesn’t need to be the case. Since the invention and subsequent popularity of online casino gaming in 1996, playing slot machine has definitely been revolutionized to a high extent. For one, online slot machines paved the way for greater diversity in slots in terms of creativity and gameplay. Now there are literally thousands of slot machines that you can choose from, each offering a different flavor and variety for any and every player out there. The best part is that online slot machines now enable players from all over the world to play online slots for fun!

What does this mean, you ask? Well while there are still sites that require you to bid using real money or tokens, there are also other sites that allow you to play slots for free. Yes, you heard that one right. With these sites, you no longer have to deal with the immense pressure of betting your hard-earned money on a game that is partly a game of chance. You can now relax yourself and simply play online slots for fun. What’s more players can also use these sites as a practice point before venturing on to real money slots.

Popular titles available here in Canada are mostly supplied by the ever-reliable Microgaming Company. With over 250 titles under their gaming belt (and more added daily), Microgaming is certainly one of the known leaders in the industry of online casino gaming. If you’re looking to play online slots for fun, be sure to check out their titles such as The Lord of the Rings, Reel Gems, Gold Factory, and Battlestar Galactica!

  Site Bonus Rating Review Visit
1. Spin Palace Spin Palace 100% up to C$1000 9 / 10   Review Visit
2. All Slots Casino All Slots Casino 100% up to C$500 9.2 / 10   Review Visit
3. Betway Casino Betway Casino Up to C$1000 9.5 / 10   Review Visit
4. Lucky Nugget Casino Lucky Nugget Casino Up to C$1.000 9.7 / 10   Review Visit
5. Jackpot City Jackpot City Up to C$500 10 / 10   Review Visit